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Chandler (Jessica Keenan Wynn), Duke (Alice Lee) and Mc Namara (Elle Mc Lemore).

Unlike Waters’ movie, in the musical we meet Veronica pre-induction, giving us a glimpse of her humanity before she becomes a ‘Heather,’ lands her sociopathic BF J. (played here by Ryan Mc Cartan), and things take a decidedly, er — dark turn. kill queen bee Heather Chandler accidentally-on purpose via lethal breakfast in bed, you can tell Veronica cares.

Unlike Soul Asylum's bad luck, their good fortune can be explained in two words: "Runaway Train," their runaway hit.

Today, Soul Asylum aren't the same band they once were.

, an adaptation of the 1989 my-teen-angst-has-a-body-count classic starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. " from a girl at camp, running into Slater at a phonebooth, and how wrong he was to think Jennifer Connelly would have made a better Veronica than Winona. In fact, the title came almost before the movie came. So you look at the films iconic lines like "What's your damage, Heather? Winona likes to tease me that I wanted Jennifer Connelly instead of her and I didn't think Winona was pretty enough. So about her audition — or what changed your mind about her?

spoke to screenwriter Daniel Waters, the man behind the film's one-liners ("Lick it up, baby. Did you know any bad Heathers in your own experience? " and "Lick it up, baby" — did you know those things were going to become so big when you were writing it? I mean, how egotistical of me: "I want to create my own language."Did you have anybody else in mind for the role of Veronica? Because she was — at that time, she had only done , so I thought she was this scrawny little unattractive girl. Well, the writer of and a lot of people knew Winona, and then when I met Winona, I was like, 'Oh my god. She's perfect.' And somebody had gotten the script to Winona and no one has ever liked a piece of writing more than Winona Ryder liked the script of and she was so eloquent about her love for it that how could it be anyone else?

Decorated with fringed lamps and supersoft lighting in a style best described as boho feminine, Ryder's apartment is dominated by her black-and-white photography collection, which includes a large format Bruce Davidson shot of Timothy Leary (her late godfather), dancing in a white suit.

There are also plenty of personal snapshots and Sixties-era photos of her parents, Michael and Cindy Horowitz, a hippie couple who emigrated to Northern California and raised Ryder and her three siblings on a commune.

Your favorite ‘80s cult-classic flick about teen cliques and serial murder is now an Off-Broadway musical, packing all the sweet, maniacal joy of a Slurpee-induced brain freeze.

They're a little self-conscious, a little insecure, a little nervous.

After all, it's not easy for a band brought up on a steady diet of punk to accept success without some embarrassment.

, a futuristic Hollywood satire by writer-director Andrew Niccol—and, no doubt, of doing a little emergency repair work on her tattered public image—the 30-year-old actress welcomes a reporter into her New York abode on Gramercy Park.

Answering the door dressed in a creme gauze hippie dress and red sweater, her feet bare (the better to display her bright red toenails), her now-auburn longish hair looking fashionably shaggy (courtesy of Garren), she offers a thorough tour.