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Validating spreadsheets

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Video tutorials and step by step instructions are below In this tutorial, you'll see how to create a drop down list of choices in a cell, like the list of employee names shown below.

To create a drop down list in Excel 2010, you can name a list of items, based on a named Excel table.

Excel Ant is a set of Ant tasks that make it possible to verify or test a workbook without having to write Java code.

Of course, the tasks themselves are written in Java, but to use this frame work you only need to know a little bit about Ant.

This sheet is shown below: This sheet calculates the principal and interest payment for a mortgage based on the amount of the loan, term and rate.

To write a simple Excel Ant test you need to tell Excel Ant about the file like this: This code sets up Excel Ant to access the file defined in the ant property Finally it tries to evaluate the B4 on the sheet named 'Mortgage Calculator'.

There are some assumptions here that are worth explaining.

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but at the moment i am hitting 3 big problems, and i wonder if anyone can help?

This document covers the basic usage and set up of Excel Ant.

This document will assume basic familiarity with Ant and Ant build files. Using this approach the provided extensions will live in the default namespace.

One way you can restrict users to a predefined set of values is by way of Excel's Data Validation feature.

I'll explain how you can create in-cell drop-down lists, along with how to "future proof" the Data Validation list so that the feature won't require maintenance if you add additional items in the future.