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Hi everyone, we made some improvements with the PC installer to include new features to make it easier for you to stay up to date.The installer should update itself to 1.2.9 automatically the next time you load it and in the settings menu you should now see 3 new options at the bottom of the settings menu of the installer. Start installer when Windows starts – This option will add Dugi installer as one of your startup programs and it will load silently in the background.2.

If something is messed up; you then will have your backup to fall back on.

And the new talents, with only a few exceptions, are largely in that same line of improvement, offering you further marginal improvements to the abilities that you use most frequently without causing your character to actually play differently or change your rotations at all.

That contributes to the idea that the artifacts really are just going to float away after this expansion, which seems limiting.

All of the numbers also strongly support the idea that these new ranks are going to be a real bear to achieve without more ranks in Artifact Knowledge, which means that you’re in for a less-than-thrilling process on the way to where you must go.

I like the Artifact Knowledge system in broad strokes, but the execution often leaves something to be desired, I’m sorry to say.