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Here's what to do: The first step is to put your dating life on pause.

Neil strauss online dating advice

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Online today

Any chance I get, I’m interjecting myself into conversations to spread the gospel of how much fun I’ve been having. When first asked if I’d ever tried online dating my response was the same as if I’d been asked if I’d ever paid for sex. For some reason, I would rather be alone than desperate. I had many the friend that frequented rub & tugs, used escorts, and had many a grind session up in the strip club, but that all seemed so artificial to me.

I saw myself as too good for that type of activity and scoffed at the idea of meeting someone online.

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Strauss says practicing this for just a day will get you ready to start learning to interact with guys you're attracted to.

Boxes and boxes (literally a whole pallet) of the old lessons from the early days of the Game.

Read More Remember last year when we dug into the storage space to do some spring-cleaning and we found something amazing…

Like most people, I thought I’d naturally find someone to date and love.

I was tired of waiting so I took it upon myself to dive head first out of my comfort zone. Choose Your Service Starting off, I didn’t have any stipulations as to what race, religion, manifest destiny or gang affiliation as to the girl I wanted to date, so I liked OK Cupid the best.