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Shakespeare, though, is setting up a clever teaching lesson, helping us later to see the errors of our own hasty judgment (just as characters in Shrew will also learn lessons about rushing to judgments).

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Both stars just started following each other on Instagram and Matthew sent flowers to Cheryl on Valentine’s Day, according to Snapchat. Don't deny it: The sight of a plaid shirt and ripped jeans still gets your heart racing."We have an innate chemistry when it comes to this comedy stuff," he says.

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But most importantly, the brothers are still close and spend lots of time together, resulting in plenty of bro photos all over social media."Unless we could do it in a really smart way and keep it going, I do feel like it's an 'end of the show' thing," she says. "You don't want them together and you don't want any babies.Ryan Phillippe is not dating Katy Perry and would like the helicopters to stop circling his house, please. Joey Lawrence: My wife is a big fan, and I've gotten sucked into it. I love it, and to me, it is one of the funniest shows on television, especially I love it; I love that.Your Tango: As a happily married man, what relationship advice would you give Juan Pablo?And when they weren't starring in the hit show (which first aired 20 years ago!