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It's embarrassing as an American that all the world hears about anymore are these celebrities, half of them low-life pieces of self-destructive trash with no morals or common sense.5 mics girl LMAO As for Zeal Dating Tuface, they make the perfect couple: she has absolutely no talent and he has tons. Re: Nigerian Celebrities Who Are They Dating « #7 on: January 04, 2008, AM » --------------------------------------------------------------------------------what i know is that most celebrities in nigeria don't want people to know who they r datin because sometimes when they r being asked they simply say thats personal but for d whites they don't care they want to be seen together even if they would break up d next minuteto me i still feel that most nigerians r a bit pretentious Report to moderator Logged I think you're right because you also don't want to be identified. Think of the horde of papparazzi, the numerous news paper houses, journalists who live off stalking celebrities.

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Hearst was previously romantically linked to actor/rocker Jared Leto.arrives in theaters this Friday, it will be introducing the dinosaur-filled adventure franchise to a whole new generation … The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield is preparing to host a 'Jeff Goldblum Day' next week in honour of the man who starred in the aforementioned trio of classic movies.On Friday June 16, fans can cosy up and check out their favourite Goldblum flicks on the big screen.On Friday, Reddit user arsf1357 posted a photo to Imgur showing an unnamed family friend standing beside actor Jeff Goldblum.

But Malcolm, quite familiar with unpredictability, has no choice but to go when he learns that his girlfriend Dr. Ian Malcolm has been seen on the big screen (that’s right, folks, hits theaters next year. Oh yes, the two [Jurassic] movies I did with them were plenty.I've always thought of the concept of the “long lost twin” as an exaggerated urban myth, but this unbelievable photo is seriously making me reconsider.That was because I think largely, and I’m sure the writers agree, but Steven had a mission to make something new, and he really wanted it to be a is BD Wong, who reprises his performance as geneticist Dr.Henry Wu (and has even been taking part in the movie’s viral marketing).Several commenters even admitted they couldn't figure out which Goldblum is the real Goldblum.