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It is housed in an old train station that has a beautiful art deco style.

In it are exhibits on anything from Warren Buffet’s grandfather’s grocery store to conestoga wagons and the people who came to this unique place from the east coast during the adventurous rush to explore the west.

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Omaha, NE is not the boring or quiet place you might think it is.

Once, it may have been more rural, but ever since Warren Buffet moved the headquarters of his investment company Berkshire Hathaway there, it has actually been considered an up and coming place, with many singles moving there for the great work opportunities – if they can withstand the harsh winters of course.

It’s a place with many animal attractions and it is so big that there is a train that can take you all around the park.

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Fun facts about Omaha are that it is where the bobby pin and the Reuben sandwich were invented.

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