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A tomb in the southern half of Skyros island is renowned as that 'corner of a foreign field that is forever England'.It is where the verse's author, the poet Rupert Brooke, was buried in 1915, brought ashore from a passing ship.Modern reproductions tend to be smaller and narrower than the originals enabling them to fit in with the smaller dining rooms of todays houses.A noticeable point when looking at a genuine 18th C chair is the generous size of the seat, its much wider than todays reproductions.Several available resources may help you identify the value of an old postcard in your possession. Old postcards may be valuable because of their postmark.Determine if the postmark belongs to a historical post office, such as one that is no longer in operation.

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Some cards may be more valuable because they are in what might be described as mint condition.

Often less well proportioned, much simpler in design with splats with little or no carving.

The methods employed by London makers of the mid-18th C.

Traditional festivals and occupations play a large part in island life and Skyros has long been noted for its arts and crafts, its beautiful pottery and for its hand-carved furniture.

Most inhabitants live in and around the island capital of Chora and Skyros has a permanent population of around 3,000 people, mostly engaged in farming and fishing.