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For clinicians, updated guideline links are provided, including assessment tools, tips for monitoring weight gain and other medication side effects, and patient handouts.

One item I liked in particular, this site presents data on both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Psych Education: the DBSA site is an upscale department store, is that special, independently owned, quirky retailer with deep stockpiles of buried treasure.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) 730 N.

Franklin Street, Suite 501 Chicago, Illinois 60610-7224 USA Toll free: (800) 826-3632 (800) 826-3632 Fax: (312) 642-7243 BIPOLAR DISORDER: TOP 5 MUST-SEE SITES 1.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: national education and advocacy group on Mood Disorders, Headquartered here in Chicago. Local and national chapters w/ support groups and meetings, newsletters, ask the experts sections.

To browse this list, click a button below to jump to your state, or press Ctrl F on your keyboard to search for your city. I've written a detailed guide to starting a coloring club here. :) If you found this list helpful, please share one of my adult coloring book guides with your group!Participants can bring their own coloring books, pages, pencils and markers, etc.While it seems like everyone and their (single) mother are on dating sites these days, there are still many singles who wish to meet singles the “old-fashioned” way. If you find yourself breaking out in hives at the mere thought of downloading Tinder, fear not!Each session is designed around three components: personal scripture study and reflection small-group sharing and support and a mission or action plan.The elements of this resource are structured to prepare encourage and support witnessing disciples in their calling to share the invitation of Christ’s message with their friends. This booklet authored by a teen from Chattanooga Tennessee offers a collection of testimonies from the perspective of a teenager involved in front-line missionary ministry.For Those Wanting More Information Sharing in Community of Christ – 3rd Edition Preparing for Baptism and Confirmation Sunday Night Chats Talk to a Minister Find a Church in the Chicago Area Find a Church Wherever You Are in the World For Those Who Are Ministers of Invitation Empowered to Witness Can I Get a Witness Courageous Witness A book that explores the identity, mission, message, and beliefs of Community of Christ is available in Ministers from around the world are available to connect with you in a live chat room every Sunday from 10 – PM (Eastern US Time Zone).