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There has been a more subtle build up to this plotline too – when Adam’s sister, Caroline, has a baby (awkwardly named Jessa-Hannah) with Hannah’s neighbour, Laird, Adam becomes a surprisingly paternal figure in the child’s life. ” While Adam and Jessa’s relationship is fiery and exciting, it has lacked stability and maturity – something Hannah now offers, in abstract, both as she has cultivated a “mature” approach to the fact of Adam and Jessa’s relationship, and as she now looks towards parenthood.

He's handsome and manly, she's beautiful with great personality. funny handsome guy and also bit of a pervert who always try to make skinship with his wife and always try to make his wife laugh by his cheesy comment and excessive jokes because the thing he likes the most from his wife is her laugh.I don’t wanna be away from you any longer.” It’s the dramatic reunion that ends every rom com, and it’s been Hannah’s ultimate fantasy since Adam started dating Jessa. Elijah has had sex with both Marnie and Hannah; Ray has had sex with Shosh and Marnie.Hannah has had sex with Laird, who is now Adam’s brother-in-law.Jessa hooked up with Ace, Adam’s then-girlfriend Mimi-Rose’s recent ex. Whether he wants to be or not, Adam Lambert is a gay role model and he's the kind of role model that we want to have! Because there are lots of Adam Lambert out there in America! Because just his PRESENCE alone is a win for equality and a win for gay youth that need to see themselves represented in the mainstream media.